Friday, 15 November 2013


For all those heading to Thought Bubble in Leeds, make sure you visit the guys from The Water Closet Press. Their Ladies and Gentlemen anthology, The Irregulars, will be available to buy along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Help support these guys, they have something good going on. Check out the cool cover to the anthology above. I have a poem titled The Gentry within the anthology. Cheers all.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013



That's right, My Ghost Train poem (with art by Eric Hurley) will appear in Hallowscream 5. This will be out online sometime very soon, around or just before Halloween. So make sure you check it out, no doubt there will be lots of cool and nasty horror inside. Like them on Facebook for more info on when this ghastly issue will be released for all to see. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Was really happy to grab a third place in Ace Comics and Games best short Australian comic competition. Thanks to Ace Comics, Ian Gould and all involved including the judges. Congratulations to the winner and the place getters.
I believe that all entries may be finding their way into a printed anthology. Will keep you posted if this becomes a reality.
        If you have not guessed already, my submission to the competition was called         "The Adjudicator: Make the Call"
Art by Randy Valiente.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Feast of the Dead: Hors D'Oeuvres will be officially released at the Detroit Zombie Con on Aug 17. If you are in the Detroit area make sure you crawl, shamble, walk and maybe even run down to the Con and catch up with the guys at Source Point Press. They will have a stack of other cool stuff there for sale as well. I have an illustrated zombie poem in the above book with great artwork by Allen Byrns. Check it out and grab a copy. Cheers all.

Monday, 5 August 2013


Hey all, my Silent but Deadly story appears in Indie Comics Magazine #7. You can order the magazine in the August edition of Previews, which is available right now at all good comic book shops. Make sure you order a copy or two as these magazines are exclusive to Previews. After August, they will not be available on back order.

The story is about a ninja assassin and well, who the hell doesn't like ninja's. Your support is appreciated.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


                              Make sure you pick up a copy of Alter Egos Volume 1
                          by Source Point Press to see what The Night Errant is up to.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


A recent interview I did with the guys at 8th Wonder Press. Watch out for their Uncanny Adventures Anthology which will be released very soon. Features my Communication Meltdown story with art by Randy Valiente.

Six Questions With: Paul Bradford

Communication Meltdown preview01Tell us a bit about Who You Are And How You Came To Be.
I’m Paul Bradford and I am a comic book writer. I was born in Scotland, but currently live in Perth, Western Australia. I grew up reading British Comics in the 70’s and 80’s and these comics had a big impact on me. They were a great way to vanish into whole new worlds and live fantastic adventures. Nowadays however I like to collect comic book related busts and statues and have a large collection of these. I also have a few Aussie Muscle cars from the 70’s.
How did you find yourself making comics?
In high school, I teamed up with a few people who all had a common interest in creating comics. However the whole thing never really went anywhere and we didn’t actually produce any comics. I guess that sparked my interest in writing comics and I continued to write and develop ideas for stories. Roll forward a few years and I started submitting scripts to companies in the US and in the UK. That process however did not lead to any opportunities for me to write comics. The Australian comic book scene was pretty non-existent back then and there was definitely not a lot happening in Perth. At that stage, I wasn’t about to travel overseas to try my hand at submitting at conventions as I didn’t think that a writer would have much chance at being picked up that way. If I had been a kick ass artist, I probably would have tried that avenue. Roll forward a few more years and the whole internet thing came along. This gave me the opportunity to make contact with artists from around the world. Some of these connections went nowhere, whilst others thrived and my writing started to come to life in the form of comic books. I continue to use the internet to make new contacts with artists as well as publishers, such as 8th Wonder Press.
Without giving too much away, tell us about your story “Communication Meltdown” and how you approached it.
Communication Meltdown preview02Communication Meltdown was written with the general idea of having a historical event that in fact had something else going on, something that was coming out of left field. Once I had the general idea for the story, it pretty much wrote itself. I did do some research on the historical event though, in order to get the details correct that I needed to use within the story. The story itself was written as a done in one story with the hope of finding an anthology to publish it. I wrote it as a ten page story, which seems to be a little too long for a lot of anthologies out there. It was written quite a while ago and I am really glad to finally get this story into print. I have worked with the artist, Randy Valiente, on a few other projects since then and they have been printed, so we are both pleased to now see Communication Meltdown being published.
What are you reading right now, comics or otherwise?
To be perfectly honest, I have not been doing a lot of reading in recent years. My interest in collecting comic related busts and statues has taken over from reading and collecting comics. As a writer, I think that I may have made a conscious decision to stop reading comics as I used to read comics that had ideas similar to stories that I was developing. As I could not bring my comics to print, it used to frustrate me that a similar idea was published and I had to scrap my work. But I guess that happens to the best of us. Ideas would then be similar to movies and the like, so you learn to take those knocks and move on. After all you cannot avoid watching television and movies, well I can’t anyway. Having said that, I have recently started reading a few comic books again. I picked up IDW’s Judge Dredd, as I was a huge fan of 2000AD in my younger days, but these books are not really doing it for me. I am hoping that IDW’s Judge Dredd Year One really meets the mark. I have also recently picked up Tom Taylor and James Brouwer’s graphic novel The Deep: Here Be Dragons that was published by Gestalt Comics. This was a pretty damn good read and I am looking forward to picking up the follow up graphic novel The Deep: The Vanishing Island.
Communication Meltdown preview03How did you meet up, and what’s your creative process like?
I originally made contact with Randy Valiente quite a few years ago now. He posted some of his art on the now defunct Heavy Metal Magazine Forum. I liked his style and contacted him through the forum, which then led to us working together. I have worked on a few short comics with Randy over the past few tears and hope to work on a few more in the coming years. The process, I guess, would be similar to anybody who works with others in different countries, I live in Australia and Randy Lives in the Philippines. Essentially, I send Randy the script, he does up some rough layouts of how he sees the pages, I give it the go ahead or suggest some changes and we move on. Randy will then do up the pencils and I approve or suggest changes and then he does the inks and then the letters and colors (if required). I am fairly open for the artist to make changes to the layout as long as the story still flows well. From my viewpoint, I think if the artist can have input into the look of the page, then this is more interesting for them.
What else is in the works for you, and where can readers find your work next?
I have been working on a few projects in recent months, some of which will be seeing the light of day very soon. I have also had some of my previous works reprinted in various anthologies. Keep a look out for the following, some of which are available right now: Astral Crusaders – The Standard Bearer available for download (CE Publishing – Megabook M2 and Emerald Star Comics Presents #1), Witch Hunters (soon to be published by Evil Moose Publishing – Moose Crossing Anthology #1), Ultimate Man and The Night Errant (soon to be published by Source Point Press in Alter Egos volumes 1 and 2), The Last Knight (soon to be published in Indie Comics Horror #2) and Silent But Deadly (available later in the year in Indie Comics Magazine #7). To keep up to date with new releases and info about my comics, please visit my blog at

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hey all, I have a page or two in the Alter Egos anthology being released by Source Point Press. It will be officially released at the Motor City Comic Con in Michigan this weekend (May 17, 18 &19). Drop by and say hi to the guys at Source Point Press and pick up your copy of Alter Egos Vol 1. Much appreciated :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013





MOOSE CROSSING ISSUE 1 is ready to be released on May 21st, 2013. Moose crossing is an open submission Anthology. We want to showcase all the best independent creators all in one issue! The stories range from horror-fantasy. They will be available in limited physical copies, along with digital download!

Creators include:
Loki DeWitt
Luke Cooper
Paul Bradford
Kelly Bender
Mike Salt
Please check this out in late May. It features my Witch Hunters story with art by Allen Byrns.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Time to Order Indie Comics Horror #2

That's right folks, Indie Comics Horror #2 is available to order in this months Previews (April's). Make sure you head down to your local comic shop and order a copy or two. Look for it in Previews under Aazurn Publishing. My Last Knight story appears in this issue, with art by Matt Olson. It has Vikings in it and everybody loves a good Viking story. Your support is appreciated.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


         Astral Crusaders: The Standard Bearer has been included in ESC Presents #1

ESC Presents #1 is available for download right now. It will also be printed in a limited run and distributed at this years SDCC. Lots of other promo goodies will be given out at SDCC, so make sure you check out the Emerald Star Comics booth and have a chat to Lennit.

The colors on the download are playing up at the moment but Lennit is working on a solution, so keep checking in for updates.

Check out the Emerald Star Comics website for further info.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


I have a new story called The Last Knight that will be appearing in the pages of Indie Comics Horror #2 with art by Matt Olson. Will update further when more news is at hand. It has Viking's in it though and who doesn't like Vikings.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Megabook M2 now on Graphicly and Kindle

MEGABOOK M2, the Biggest FREE Comic book in the Universe! 45 stories and 465 pages long! Amazing comics from 13 different publishers and 101 creators. Everything you could possibly want in one Giant Book including the Astral Crusaders in full colour! Here is a TON of amazing adventures from fabulous creators from all over the indie comics universe. If you thought MEGABOOK M1 was big, you ain't seen nothing yet! M1 called his little brother and he's Massive! BEWARE! Downloading this book may cause your computer to be VERY HEAVY! Use caution and find a partner for lifting.

It is also available for Kindle:

Yeah and it's all free..... AWESOME!!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013


YOUR OPINION COUNTS! Vote NOW for Indie Comics Horror (Aazurn) for a Ghastly Award: Best Horror Anthology!
My Witch Hunters story appeared in this anthology along with 3 Poeticorners. It would be great if the comic anthology won the award. Great recognition for the anthology and, of course, it may spark some more interest in my stories (which would be cool). Indie Comics Horror recently came second in the Horror Comic Awards, so it would be great to go one better. Please take the time to vote for the Ghastly Awards and remember to vote for Indie Comics Horror in the anthology section.
Thanks so much, your support is appreciated.
Click on the below link to take you to the Ghastly Awards: