Saturday, 26 January 2013

Megabook M2 now on Graphicly and Kindle

MEGABOOK M2, the Biggest FREE Comic book in the Universe! 45 stories and 465 pages long! Amazing comics from 13 different publishers and 101 creators. Everything you could possibly want in one Giant Book including the Astral Crusaders in full colour! Here is a TON of amazing adventures from fabulous creators from all over the indie comics universe. If you thought MEGABOOK M1 was big, you ain't seen nothing yet! M1 called his little brother and he's Massive! BEWARE! Downloading this book may cause your computer to be VERY HEAVY! Use caution and find a partner for lifting.

It is also available for Kindle:

Yeah and it's all free..... AWESOME!!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013


YOUR OPINION COUNTS! Vote NOW for Indie Comics Horror (Aazurn) for a Ghastly Award: Best Horror Anthology!
My Witch Hunters story appeared in this anthology along with 3 Poeticorners. It would be great if the comic anthology won the award. Great recognition for the anthology and, of course, it may spark some more interest in my stories (which would be cool). Indie Comics Horror recently came second in the Horror Comic Awards, so it would be great to go one better. Please take the time to vote for the Ghastly Awards and remember to vote for Indie Comics Horror in the anthology section.
Thanks so much, your support is appreciated.
Click on the below link to take you to the Ghastly Awards: